Celine and Julie Go Boating

Jun 29 - Jul 05, 2012

(Jacques Rivette, France, 1974, 35mm, 192 min)

New 35mm Print!


We’re reviving Jacques Rivette’s best-known film: an elaborate fairy tale with literary roots in Lewis Carroll and Borges, and cinematic roots in Méliès, Marienbad and Laurel and Hardy.

In a film-with-in-a-film structure, memory and fantasy stretch an encounter between a librarian and a magician into the past and the future while never leaving the present. The whimsical story involves a white rabbit chase through Montmartre, a mysterious old house in the Paris suburbs, and strange potions in the form of little candies placed on the tongue.

A film that has retained its cult status, Celine And Julie Go Boating invites repeat viewings.

"Think Alice in Wonderland meets Henry James by way of Fantômas...dense yet playful and entertaining, a piece of dream theater full of witty digressions and detours." -Seattle Weekly



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