Walk Away Renee

Aug 24 - Aug 30, 2012

(Jonathan Caouette, France, 2011, Blu-ray, 88 min)

Seattle Premiere!

Eight years after the making of Jonathan Caouette’s Tarnation, a documentary tribute to the director’s relationship with his mentally ill mother, Jonathan and Renée return in a sequel—and proper ending—to the film that moved audiences with its personal and original artistry. Walk Away Renée chronicles Caouette’s road trip with his mother from Houston to New York, after he realizes that she must be moved to a new living facility, and explores the director’s relationship with his family in a more thoughtful, less raucous, but equally beautiful light. Surpassing its predecessor in style and maturity, Renée is already being called last year's most original and evocative American independent film.

"A breathtaking account of the mother-son relationship that is unlike anything you'll ever see. Words can't describe what wonder this film truly is." - Criterion Cast

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