Blind Husbands

Nov 08, 2012

(Erich von Stroheim, United States, 1919, 35mm, 92 min)

Featuring a live score by Spencer Thun

In 1919, film tycoon Carl Laemmle took a risk on an inexperienced but earnest director: Erich von Stroheim, who would one day be one of the most famous names of the silent era. Blind Husbands propelled him to stardom, telling the story of an Austrian cavalryman who attempts to seduce an American doctor’s wife. The story’s moral grey areas and precise cinematography made it a masterpiece in 1919 and kept it as such long after the end of the silent era. Fans of psychological mind-benders won’t be able to forget Blind Husbands. This screening features a live score!

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