Do the Right Thing

Nov 12, 2012

(Spike Lee, United States, 1989, 35mm, 120 min)

Often cited as one of the most moving films ever to deal with racism in America, Spike Lee’s masterpiece is immediately both more comic and more nerve-wracking than can be imagined before it is experienced. Taking place over a scorching 24 hours across a few Brooklyn city blocks, the film assembles a crowd of characters facing tensions both racial and personal, goading the viewer to take a side as the tensions rise. This film—once protested by critics out of fear that it would provoke violence, and later declared one of the 10 best films of the 1980s—is a cultural landmark not to be missed.

Do the right thing: a portion of the proceeds from these screenings will be donated to New York City's Film Forum, in support of their efforts to recover from Hurricane Sandy. The Film Forum was without power for a full week following the mega-storm - we're proud to support them by screening a quintessential film about New Yorkers in crisis mode.

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