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Drew Christie portrait by Daniel Carrillo.

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Sep 29, 2012

Animator Drew Christie has been a staple of Local Sightings since the mid-2000s, winning our jury prize for his short film The Man Who Shot the Man Who Shot Lincoln. His work is characterized by wry, erudite humor that often illuminates history while lovingly skewering its subjects in terse language, leaving his viewers in a joyful state of reflection. His animation technique applies hand-drawn figures to unusual surfaces including books, newsprint, linocut and crumbled paper, rendering some of the most human touches the medium has seen.

In 2011, Drew’s short Song Of The Spindle premiered at Local Sightings, then went on to screen at the Sundance Film Festival. Since then, Drew has become a regular contributor to The New York Times’ Op-Docs, with recent entries on the nutria and originality. Additional accolades inclde being short-listed for a Stranger Genius award. It is with great pleasure that we present this first-ever retrospective of Drew’s animation, a oeuvre of quirky, sensibly contemplative material that will leave you smiling and hungry for more.

Part of our Local Sightings Film Festival 2012 - see the festival website for full program details.  Full festival passes are available online.
Screening Program

Bad Meat (2 min, animation/live-action, 2002)
*Winner One Reel Film Festival, High School category
Salty Dog (6 min, Super 8, live action, 2004)
How to Bring Democracy to the Fish (2.5 minutes, animation, 2006)
The Sinking of the Hunley (6 minutes, 2006/07)
F.T. Marinetti’s Futurist Manifesto (6.5 minutes, 2007)
For the Werewolf Have Sympathy (3 minutes, 2008)
Sights and Sounds of the Deep (live action, 6 minutes, 2008/09)
Fire, Fire, I Heard The Cry (1.5 minutes, 2010)
The Man Who Shot The Man Who Shot Lincoln (6 minutes, 2010)
Empress of the North (3.5 minutes, 2010)
History is Us (4.5 minutes, 2011)
Song of the Spindle (4 minutes, 2011)
American Standard Time Presents John Cohen (live action documentary, 9 minutes, 2011)
Some Crazy Magic: Meeting Harry Smith (3 minutes, 2011)
The Reader (1 minute, 2011)
The Crab Fisherman’s Daughter (live action/animation, 2 minutes, 2011)
Hi! I’m a Nutria (3 minutes, 2012)
Allergy to Originality (4.5 minutes, 2012)

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