Two Years At Sea

Oct 26 - Nov 01, 2012

British filmmaker Ben Rivers' first feature Two Years At Sea is a nearly-wordless portrait of a man called Jake who lives a solitary existence in a Scottish forest in Aberdeenshire. Jake is seen in all seasons, surviving frugally, passing the time with strange projects, and living the radical dream he had as a younger man which he spent two years working at sea to realize. 

Ben Rivers has made 20 shorts over the past decade: free of narrative, drama and character development, inspired by literature and fine art, and exploring worlds at the far fringe of civilization – places of ragged, strange beauty where inventors, seers and eccentric philosophers live in zealous communion with nature.  "Too much exposition is the kind of thing that makes me bored with Hollywood movies," Rivers says. "I like films that leave a lot to the audience." 
"establishes a real sense of getting lost...a cinema of privileged moments and stubbornly private people" -Seattle Weekly

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