Radio Unnameable

Nov 30 - Dec 06, 2012

(Paul Lovelace and Jessica Wolfson, USA, 2012, 87 min)

Seattle premiere!

Known as the father of “freeform” radio, DJ Bob Fass hosted Radio Unnameable in the 1960s, creating a show whose format mixed town hall forum and party.  Broadcast on New York’s WBAI, one of the nation's first listener-sponsored non-commercial radio stations, Fass transformed mass media into mass movement. Whether raising bail money for draft dodgers, organizing neighborhood clean-ups, or gathering supporters for protests, Fass didn't simply report the news: he connected his community.  

“a celebration of the broadcast medium, and a movie that approaches the…’60s counterculture from a fresh angle. Fass was at his height both baby-sitter and rabble-rouser. He used the airwaves to construct a community… a clubhouse for the New Left’s greatest showboats: Paul Krassner and Abbie Hoffman… an evocative collage…a time capsule. Fass was in a sense New York’s quintessential (East) Village voice – the great ongoing commentator on unbelievable oddness of boho life in Mayor Lindsay’s ‘fun city.’” –J. Hoberman, Artinfo




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