It's Such a Beautiful Day

Nov 30 - Dec 14, 2012

(Don Hertzfeldt, USA, 2012, Blu-ray, 62 min)

Seattle premiere!

If you’ve enjoyed at least one animated short in the past five years, it’s a good bet that you’ve seen one by Don Hertzfeldt, the Academy Award-winning animator whose stick-figure meditations have earned him comparisons to James Thurber and Chopin. If these seem like unlikely comparisons to you, test your skepticism at a screening of It’s Such a Beautiful Day, Hertzfeldt’s three-part biography of the most three-dimensional stick man you’ll ever meet. Bill can’t help but see his world in absurd distortions, even as he goes about a daily life that isn’t too far from yours or mine. The film follows him through surreally beautiful landscapes as a brain disease starts to contort his outlook even further.



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