Candy Von Dewd and SexyTime Release Party

Dec 15, 2012

Fantagraphics editor Jacques Boyreau celebrates the release of his new book SexyTime with this special program, featuring the Seattle premiere of Boyreau's science-fiction sex romp, Candy Von Dewd

Called "ravishing" by the San Francisco Bay Guardian, SexyTime is the ultimate movie poster book of 1970s porn chic (with a little 80s mixed in). Boyreau pairs a reading with an accompanying program of hilarious, tasteless, and yes, brief! compilation of outstanding 35/16mm porn trailers.  The evening concludes with a screening of Candy Von Dewd, where valiant, stoic astronauts of the Rocketship Leroy crash on a dune planet and encounter telepathic Amazons. Drugs, gladiators, robots, boobs and alien sex blow up B-movie grammar into psychedelic arthouse splendidity.  


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