Sans Soleil

Dec 20, 2012

(Chris Marker, France, 1980, 16mm, 100 min)

Chris Marker Tribute!

This December we honor one of cinema's finest fallen heroes, and remember the memorable, great Chris Marker. Perhaps no other filmmaker left his indelible mark on the history of a medium in quite the same way. His films consist of a series of impressions, snapshots and postcards from distant lands, linked together by Marker’s enigmatic voice. Marker was in love with memory and its melancholy beauty, and his films are heroic (perhaps doomed) attempts to trace memory’s power on our lives.  To honor this enigmatic, giant figure we screen one of his finest outings, Sans Soleil, a complex journey into time and memory. This mind-bending free-form travelogue roams from Africa to Japan, guided by associative editing and an unnamed narrator.


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