Crash Cinema

Jan 12, 2013

Northwest Film Forum and SIFF team up for Crash Cinema, a movie-making challenge, which takes participants from concept to screening in one day. The project is about having fun, making a movie and seeing it on the big screen. The script is developed on the spot by your Crash team (usually 3-6 people) and you design your story based on your team’s resources. Come with your own team or find a team at SIFF. Crash Cinema is a bi-monthly and non-competitive challenge. Filmmakers meet at 9AM; public screening at 5:30PM.
Crash Rules

Films must be no longer than three-minutes and must include the five Crash elements: a genre, a type of action, a character's name, a line of dialogue, and a prop/costume. 

Team Needs

Each team must provide their own equipment including a video camera (can be a cell phone), a way to transfer footage to an editing system, computer with editing software, and a burnable DVD or flash drive.

Tickets: $5 general, $3 Film Forum and SIFF members, free admission for Crash filmmakers.

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