Feb 08 - Feb 21, 2013

(Miguel Gomes, Portugal, 2012, 35mm, 118 min)

Two weeks!

If one film this year will send your daydreams reeling into new visions of what a story can be, then that film will likely be Tabu, an unpredictable epic with one foot in the romance genre and the other in post-colonial commentary. Miguel Gomes’s gracefully filmed “diptych”—two stories told in sequence, unrelated at first glance but laden with aesthetic similarities—takes place first in contemporary Lisbon, then in a Portuguese colony in Africa several decades earlier. After delighting audiences at the Berlin Film Festival, Tabu comes to the United States with a promise to provoke, enchant and mystify. Mark our words, this is THE film of 2013. 

"If I had seen Tabu last year, I would have placed it in my top 10 films." -Charles Mudede, The Stranger

"it’s an original: a kind of jigsaw puzzle, spiced up with references to “White Mischief,” “Out of Africa” and “The Snows of Kilimanjaro"" -John Hartl, The Seattle Times

a movie-infused expedition into the jungles of memory and regret, a heartfelt pastiche" -Brian Miller, Seattle Weekly

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