The Suitor

Feb 14, 2013

(Pierre Étaix, France, 1963, 35mm 83 min)

New 35mm print! 

Under parental pressure to find a wife, Pierre becomes a bookworm on the prowl. According to Pamela Hutchinson of The Guardian, the story is “…essentially the tale of a man being dragged through Paris by his own recently awakened libido.” His plans not unexpectedly go awry in Pierre Étaix’s delightful first feature.

Screens with short film Rapture

"How can it be that I've never heard of Pierre Étaix?...Étaix's films are simple, sweet, and built on some of the funniest and most deftly executed gags you'll have the pleasure to see onscreen. There's not a wasted gesture in his repertoire...masterful comic performance and hilarious comic invention" -Seattle Weekly


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