Dec 08, 2012

(Ted Bafaloukos, 1978, Jamaica, 35mm, 100 min)

Presented in partnership with Seattle Met

"Presenting unparalleled street style in a heart warming story of thievery and redemption. Rockers captures a pivotal moment in Jamaican history as our unlikely heros (played by real life reggae musicians) battle more than just imperialism but the terrifying disco movement that was emerging on the scene in 1978!

Come for the great dance moves and stay for the eternal sweater vest over Adidas track suit combo that has inspired legions.  Any great movie is an amazing style resource and Rockers has it all.  Self expression never sounded so good."

-Anna Telcs, Seattle artist and wardrobe designer

>> Rockers is part of Screen Style, a three-day, four-film series curated by Laura Cassidy and featuring the favorite movies of some of Seattle's top style and fashion tastemakers. 

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