The Passion of Anna

Dec 09, 2012

(Ingmar Bergman, 1969, Sweden, 35mm, 101 min)

Presented in partnership with Seattle Met

"I appreciate Ingmar Bergman’s styling of the film The Passion of Anna. The fashion is timeless and restrained.  It’s subtlety leads to heightened awareness of other details, including movement and dialog.

The film itself is quiet. The fashion is quiet. The silence creates  
the space to cover these beautiful and weighty themes around isolation and vulnerability. The styling works in that it gives little away about the characters. Unable to draw conclusions based on aesthetics, I watched the film differently.
I appreciate subtlety. Artists like Ingmar Bergman showed me that less is more. Trying to use too many materials or convey too much impact generally dilutes the entire message.  One good thing is enough. Find something that's good and let everything else be background. This idea has largely impacted the way I approach style."

-Jill Wenger, Founder, Managing and Creative Director, Totokaelo
>> Passion of Anna is part of Screen Style, a three-day, four-film series curated by Laura Cassidy and featuring the favorite movies of some of Seattle's top style and fashion tastemakers. 

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