Continent Hop

Jan 26 - Feb 03, 2013

Welcome to your passport to a trip around the world, where you’ll experience life as a kid in different cultures through imaginative animation, captivating documentary and children’s drawings brought to life. Ready, set, go to Istanbul, India, Uganda and Belize – and while you’re at it, soar all over above Europe atop a magic piano! Ages 7 and up. This program is mostly in English or non-verbal, though one film has a few subtitles (Spanish). Characters in another film speak a Ugandan dialect, but no subtitles are needed to understand the story.
Featuring: Istanbul (Idil Ar, Turkey); Under the Pillow (Isabel Herguera, Spain); What Makes Me Happy – Achia’s Film, Uganda (Annie Gibbs, Uganda/UK); Elisha and the Cacao Trees (Rohan Fernando, Canada); Magic Piano (Martin Clapp, Poland/China/Norway)

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