See Me Shine

Jan 27 - Feb 01, 2013

A program filled with incredible kids who have taken the reins to make a difference in the world. You’ll meet a boy who stays true to a special pet, kids who draw their way out of difficulties, brave girls and boys who stand up to bullies, a talented girl who dreams of being a star and a patient from Seattle Children’s Hospital who shows us her world through her talent for photography. Ages 10 and up. Two films have subtitles (Spanish and Italian). Another film from Bangladesh features language in a local dialect, but no subtitles are needed to understand the story. There are a few coarse words in two films.
Featuring: Ailema (Cecilia Frugiuele, UK/Switzerland); What Makes Me Happy – Bushra’s Film, Bangladesh (Annie Gibbs, Bangladesh/UK); The Hidden Shadows of Cancer (Ruby Smith, USA); Colored Pencils (Alice Gomes, Brazil); Loser Leg (Francesco Filippi, Italy); Kosher (Isabelle Stead, UK/France); In a Heartbeat (Karolina Lewicka, Iceland)

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