Shiver and Shake

Jan 27 - Jan 31, 2013

Spend an hour on the edge of your seat with these international shorts. A few of the films will make you crack a smile, while others are sure to raise a goose bump or two. If you’re ready to face down floating heads, space aliens, spooky dolls and puppets, big black birds, dark shadows and skeletons, then this program is for you! Ages 9 and up. Strictly for kids who like chills and thrills.
Featuring: Cornfiscated (DigiPen/Tara Mueller, Julian Jauregui, Marcos Gomes, Campion Kirkham, Thomas Nichols and Jay Rios, USA); Haunting: A Head (Jenna Gibson, USA); Like Father (Jesse Harley, Canada); Orange O Despair (John Banana, France); Wing (Asger Grevil and Mette Vestergaard Madsen, Denmark); A Shadow of Blue (Carlos Lascano, France); Night Island (Salvador Maldonado, UK/Poland); Marionette (Thomas Tanner and Frayah Humphries, UK); Kostya (Anton Dyakov, Russia); Joanna Makes a Friend (Jeremy Lutter, Canada); Toys We’re Not (Alex Bernas, UK); Monster Symphony (Kiana Naghshineh, Germany)

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