Hang On for the Ride

Jan 27 - Feb 01, 2013

There’s never a dull moment in this action-packed collection of live action and animated shorts, filled with intrepid kids, bugs, bears, cats and even a pair of very ornery space aliens. Ages 8 and up. One film has subtitles (Dutch). Scenes involving conflict and rescue may be too intense for the most sensitive young viewers. One film references China’s Mao Tse-tung in a comical way.

Featuring: Tuurngait (Paul-Emile Boucher, Remy Dupont, Benjamin Flouw, Mickaël Riciotti and Alexandre Toufaili, France); The Honey Plot (Al Cox, UK); Little Mao (Allan Tong, Canada); Hoverboard (Sydney Freeland, USA); Horrible (Shih-Chieh Hung, Taiwan); Dirkjan Rules (Wilfred Ottenheijm and Remco Polman, The Netherlands); Spycat and the Paper Chase (Darren Lim, Fung Chun Hong, Derwin Silamaya Suhali and Soh Yu Xian, Singapore); The Club of Ugly Children (Jonathan Elbers, The Netherlands)

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