Happily Ever After

Feb 02 - Feb 03, 2013

This program stirs up a cauldron full of mystery, magic and mischief — an all-animated collection of fables, legends and tongue-in-cheek fairy tales. Ages 8 and up. Three films have subtitles (French, Polish and German); younger children may also enjoy, depending on abilities to read subtitles or understand the languages spoken. A few scenes may be too intense for the most sensitive young viewers.
Featuring: Happily Ever After (Ming-Zhong Liu, Taiwan); The Town Musicians of Bremen (Masataka Hiroyasu, Japan); The Fairy Tale of the Gipsy and the Snake (Joanna Polak, Poland); The Boy in the Bubble (Kealan O’Rourke, Ireland); Fairy Tale (Sandy Bienvenut, Alexandra Condoure, Vincent Dromart, Nicolas Quinssac and Mathieu Ringot, France); The Changeling (Maria Steinmetz, Germany); Waseteg (Phyllis Grant, Canada); Bonifacio in Summertime (Pierre-Luc Granjon, Canada)

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