Feb 22, 2013

(Olivia Silver, USA, 2012, Blu-ray, 91 min)

Director in attendance!

Independent film favorite John Hawkes, riding on a series of award-nominated performances over the last two years, stars in Arcadia as a single father trying to move himself and his children across the country, to California. Though he promises his daughters a life of luxury and sunshine, Tom struggles to keep his head up while dealing with the difficult truth about his children’s mother, which threatens to tear his family apart. Taking home the Crystal Bear for best feature film at this year’s Berlin Film Festival, this beautifully scripted story lends a new and somber weight to tales of the American highway.


(Steven Schardt, 2013, USA, Blu-ray, 21 min)

Director Steven Schardt seems to have an interest in obsessive behaviors. After his remarkable debut film Treatment, Schardt tackles alcoholic dads. A tale of desperation, Cavalier stars Christian Palmer (William Never Married) as a deadbeat alcoholic dad, who takes off with his infant child after being served with custody papers. A finely observed character study, Palmer's anguished portrayal of a father on the run offers a brilliant pairing with Olivia Silver's Arcadia.


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