Smokin' Fish

Feb 24, 2013

(Luke Griswold-Tergis and Cory Mann, USA, 2011, Blu-ray, 81 min)

Cory Mann has a background that many of us can identify with: he comes from two very different histories, and has spent his life trying to reconcile the two. Smokin’ Fish chronicles the summer Mann spent away from the mass art production industry, learning instead to make his great-grandmother’s specialty, a recipe for smoked salmon handed down through generations of Tlingit Indians. This lighthearted documentary offers an up-close view of the recent history of the Tlingit people in Alaska, set against Mann’s gorgeous visual odyssey through the state.


How the Chipmunk Got Its Stripes
(Tulalip Native Lens  2011, USA,  HD, 3 min) 

The youth of Tulalip Heritage School use light box animation to tell a traditional Tulalip tale.


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