Sun Don't Shine

Feb 26, 2013

(Amy Seimetz, USA, 2012, HD, 82 min)

Director in attendance!

Crystal and Leo are on a road trip, but the joys of freedom and contemplation on the highway are complicated by jealousy, brutality and destructive desire in Sun Don’t Shine. As the couple makes their way through the Florida backwoods—the home of first-time director Amy Seimetz, who manipulates the setting like an old dollhouse—the trunk of their vehicle sags with grotesque cargo, and a closer look at their relationship reveals an equally dangerous anxiety. As it drags the audience into a culture of mistrust, Sun Don’t Shine is perversely entertaining to get lost in, with an erratic narrative voice and a new take on the crime classics of the 1930s.


Betwixt and Between 
(Leigh Kimbball, USA, 2013, HD, 3 min)

A proto-feminist animation, exploring apprehension and gender identity. 

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