Mar 04 - Mar 05, 2013

(Kyle Henry, USA, 2012, Blu-ray, 80 min)

Bathroom sexcapades, porn store shenanigans and complex human-canine relationships are just some of the adventures in Kyle Henry’s engaging feature anthology, Fourplay, executive produced by Jim McKay and R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe. The film is divided into chapters/cities: in Skokie, a closeted woman’s infatuation with her minister’s wife is sublimated during a weekend of dog sitting. In Austin, a young couple struggles with opposing desires regarding conception and arrive at a startling compromise. In Tampa, a queer man plagued with self-doubt finds a surreal nirvana in a public mall restroom. And in San Francisco, a cross-dressing prostitute faces a challenging assignment with a quadriplegic man, arranged by the man’s wife.

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