Only the Young

Mar 08 - Mar 14, 2013

(Elizabeth Mims and Jason Tippet, USA, 2012, Blu-ray, 72 min)

Nothing is missing from all the existing documentaries about American high school kids in this post-Cold-War world–but maybe there’s something that could be taken away: agenda and narrative structure (which the directors of Only the Young wanted nothing to do with). It’s a movie about two SoCal skateboard punks and best friends who also happen to be evangelical Christians, and so what? Pairing the look of a classic coming-of-age soap with a story cut loose from order, Mims and Tippet depict the reality of growing up and make us recall an aimlessness we have actually experienced.

"genial and visually appealing. . .It’s a sweet, sad and terribly nostalgic story for anyone who recalls a similar journey" —The Seattle Times

"Christ, skateboarding, and tacos form the Holy Trinity. . .Mims and Tippet don't judge their subjects, choosing instead to document them with emo, blue-collar lyricism. . .What do we learn from watching them? It's good to be young" —Seattle Weekly

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