The Rabbi's Cat

Mar 15 - Mar 21, 2013

(Antoine Delesvaux and Joann Sfar, France/Austria, 2011, 35mm, 100 min)

From Joann Sfar’s beloved collection of comic books comes a rich animated feature about the bedlam that arises when somebody silent acquires a voice. After swallowing the other household pet—a parrot—one rabbi’s cat is at last able to discuss his dream of having a bar mitzvah. The philosophizing feline sparks religious debate all around Algiers, whose Jewish community is reeling from the cultural ripples of the Russian Revolution. Unfolding in antique colors and wistfully surreal shapes, The Rabbi’s Cat is a treat for the eyes and a feast for the mind.

"a collection of chatty vignettes and anecdotes, some philosophical, some silly. . .a colorful picaresque" —Seattle Weekly

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