Apr 14, 2013

(Matías Piñeiro, Argentina, 2012, Blu-ray, 65 min)

Matías Piñeiro continues (if not perfects) his reflexive and unconventional adaptations of Shakespeare by spinning Twelfth Night into an ever-refracting, playful, and sumptuous narrative game that unfolds in present-day Buenos Aires. Viola is unleashed in the capital city delivering packages of pirated media for her company, which she runs with her longtime boyfriend Javier. From this beginning Piñeiro spins a tale of chance meetings, intrigues, secrets and destiny-laden encounters with an all-girl theatre troupe mounting a production that assimilates fragments of the Bard’s work. Formally rigorous while manifesting rather than merely illustrating Shakespearean tropes, Viola is evidence of the young Piñeiro’s under-recognized genius and introduces a brave new generation of Argentine actors.

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