Hu Enigma

May 03, 2013

(Pedro Urano & Joana Traub Csekö, Brazil, 2011, HD, 75 min)

Pre-screening happy hour at 6:30pm!

Film introduction by Nic Rossouw, Founder, giraf design!

At the edge of Rio de Janeiro, the glittering monument to Brazil’s rise in the world of global capitalism, stands another monument: a giant edifice, full of light. It’s divided symmetrically down the middle. Doctors and technicians walk in and out of the same side every day, but nobody walks in the other. It’s a ruin, an ambiguous space that could have been anything but was never occupied. A casually unlocked door in the hospital leads into the facility’s collapsing mirror image, an enigma that directors Csekö and Urano explore in this mystery movie of societal proportions.

>> Join us at 6:30pm for a pre-screening happy hour, hosted by ARCADE, and a special film introduction by engineer and designer Nic Rossouw.

>> Part of our series The Built World, co-presented with ARCADE and sponsored by AIA Seattle.


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