Upstream Color

May 03 - May 09, 2013

(Shane Carruth, USA, 2013, Blu-ray, 96 min)

No Sunday screenings + No 7:15pm Friday, Saturday, Monday

It's rare that you'll find films moved to our screens from elsewhere in Seattle, but Shane Carruth's Upstream Color is no ordinary film. A mythic, mysterious and sensuous romantic thriller, this long-anticipated second feature is a brilliantly executed, dizzyingly fast-paced zombie-horror-thriller which borrows from the drama and mystery genres. 

After a vicious robbery, a man (Carruth) and woman (the extraordinary Amy Seimitz) are drawn together, unknowingly entangled in the life-cycle of an ageless organism. Identity becomes an illusion as they struggle to find a place of safety and to create something from the loose fragments of their wrecked lives. This is the type of film that, as the Onion A/V club put it, "inspires curiosity and obsession." Come get obsessed. 

"The film is gorgeous and melancholy and ends ridiculously." —Charles Mudede, The Stranger

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