Let Your Light Shine: Experimental Animations by Jodie Mack

Jun 01, 2013

Director in attendance!

Jodie Mack's insightful, handmade films use collage to explore the relationship between graphic cinema and storytelling. Combining the formal techniques and structures of abstract/absolute animation with those of cinematic genres, her film work explores the tension between form and meaning. 


Mack's 16mm films have screened at a variety of venues including the New York Film Festival's Views from the Avant Garde, Anthology Film Archives, Images Festival, Los Angeles Filmforum, Onion City Film Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Black Maria Film Festival, Rotterdam Film Festival, and the Robert Flaherty Film Seminar. She has also worked as a curator and administrator with Dartmouth's EYEWASH: Experimental Films and Videos, Florida Experimental Film and Video Festival, Portland Documentary and Experimental Film Festival, Eye and Ear Clinic, Chicago Underground Film Festival, and Chicago's Nightingale. Mack received her MFA in film, video, and new media from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2007 and currently teaches animation at Dartmouth College.

Dusty Stacks of Mom 

(2013, 41 min, 16mm, DV, color, sound)
Interweaving personal filmmaking, abstract animation and rock opera, this animated musical documentary examines the rise and fall of a nearly defunct poster and postcard wholesale business. The changing role of physical objects and virtual data in commerce are juxtaposed with the division (or lack of) between abstraction in fine art and psychedelic kitsch. Using alternate lyrics as voice-over narration, Dusty Stacks adopts the form of a popular rock album, reinterpreted as a cine-performance.

Musicians (in order of appearance): Mark Gallay, Alex Inglizian, Eric Ostrowski, Brad Smith, Ali Mattek, Philip Hermans, Ryan Maguire, Kent Lambert, Jon Satrom, and experimental metal girl group T.I.T.S. (Wendy Farina, Abby Kerins, Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough, and Kim West)

Point de Gaze
(2012, 5 min, color, silent)

Persian Pickles 

(2012, 3 min, 16mm, color, sound)
Blanket Statement #1: Home is Where the Heart is
(2012, 3 min,16mm, color, sound)

Blanket Statement #2: All or Nothing
(2013, 4 min, 16mm, color, sound)

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