Search and Rescue

Jun 11, 2013

With a live score!

More of a film situation than a film series, Search and Rescue is an ongoing effort to review, present and (hopefully) preserve a 1500 title archive of 16mm films, produced between the 1930s and 1980s.

Over a decade, Northwest Film Forum has screened over hundreds of films covering a broad range of subjects and styles. Seen today, many of these artifacts are quite engaging—mysterious, even—and definitely the raw material of poetic film-viewing experience.

As a tool that can help us fathom the culture of the last 50 years, this film collection offers a particularly illuminating perspective. In one moment absurd, the next informative, then hilarious or mundane, these images and sounds offer one of the most precious commodities in contemporary cinema: an experience of the unexpected.

This June we welcome back a group of local musicians who will improvise a live score for the program! Performers include Jen Gilleran, Neil Welch, Dick Valentine, Simon Henneman and Andrew Barkau.

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