The Invisible Forest

Jun 12, 2013

(Antero Alli, USA, 2008, HD, 111 min)

Director in attendance!

Antero Alli's The Invisible Forest is a surrealistic trip through the internal landscape of one man's subconscious to a place beyond belief, beyond words and beyond the mind itself to. Alex, an experimental theater director (Antero Alli), brings his troupe to a forest to perform his vision of French Surrealist Antonin Artaud's magic theatre of ghosts, gods, and demons. During their "paratheatrical experiment," Alex is haunted by a recurring nightmare where Artaud appears and mocks his ambitions. With his sanity pushed to its outer limits, Alex visits a psychotherapist who suggests hypnotic regression to remedy his problem. Written and directed by Antero Alli with text also by William Shakespeare and Antonin Artaud.

"Cinema is a drug. If some movies lull us to sleep like tranquilizers while others jack us up like triple espressos, The Invisible Forest is a 100% organic, user-friendly hallucinogen."  - Antero Alli

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