The Rambler

Jun 28 - Jul 04, 2013

(Calvin Reeder, 2013, USA, Blu-ray, 97 min)

Seattle premiere!

Director in attendance opening night!

If you’ve ever comforted yourself with the knowledge that the worst of America’s horrors were safely locked behind bars, The Rambler will make you think twice. A nameless prisoner is released from under lock and key and begins a search for his brother, making him an eyewitness to all that is strange and gruesome in America’s overlooked corners. As he experiences these nightmares with an unfazed and uncomplicated vision, The Rambler takes us on a once-in-a-lifetime wandering across highways and through wilderness, leaving us perplexed as to whether the film’s true subject is its hero or the people he encounters.

"Formerly based in Seattle, writer/director Calvin Reeder will be introducing his new trailer-trash picaresque, which is steeped in the horror flicks and road movies of the early ’70s. . .With its Polaroid cameras, sun flares on the lens, and pay phones, The Rambler reaches back to a transitional time in American cinema, when Two Lane Blacktop, David Cronenberg shockers, and Roger Corman exploitation movies all played the same drive-in." —Brian Miller, Seattle Weekly

“As if Lynch directed a modern western, with a Southern twist and a tinge of science fiction.” –

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