The History of Future Folk

Jul 12 - Jul 18, 2013

(John Mitchell and Jeremy Kipp Walker, USA, 2012, Blu-ray, 86 min)

Seattle premiere!

You’ve probably seen Bill around—at the park yesterday with his daughter, or last night playing bluegrass in that old alien costume. You have to see Future Folk, though, to start suspecting that Bill might actually be an alien, sent to find a new home for his people and won over by the beauty of Earth music. Has another of his species just arrived to get Bill back on track with his alien mission? Will the two later team up in a bluegrass band and try to save us from invasion? You’ll never know without seeing Future Folk, a hilarious and heartwarming tale lauded at film festivals from Los Angeles to New York. Screens with The Heavens, our 2012 Local Sightings short film jury winner.

"an entirely serious yet winningly silly combo. . .a shaggy, enjoyable, homebrewed sci-fi tale" —Seattle Weekly

"low-key, charming. . .the nonsense proves good, goofy fun that works well" —Seattle Times 

“If it sounds nutty, it is; but it is also an effortlessly lovable study in friendship, the power of the imagination and the joy of a musical awakening.” – Screen Space

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