The Fearless Freaks

Jul 28, 2013

(Bradley Beeseley, USA, 2005, Blu-ray, 100 min)

Wayne Coyne in attendance!

What better way to get your groove on for the finale of the Capitol Hill Block Party than a matinee of The Fearless Freaks? This documentary about The Flaming Lips, 15 years in the making, follows the group as they go from Norman, Oklahoma punk band to free-floating rock and roll circus act, complete with blasting confetti canons and man-sized plastic bubble for front man Wayne Coyne. 

Along the way, a lush, multi-layered psychedelic sound takes shape, and a cult following comes along for the joyride. As if on cue, cautionary fables of near self-destruction play out too, threatening to put a permanent stop to the music. But there is triumph and redemption here, all shown in a remarkably candid and intimate film, chock-full of home movies, personal interviews, live shows and rare behind-the-scenes footage.

PS: We've asked Wayne Coyne to stop by and introduce the film before the Lips' Capitol Hill Block Party show, and he said "Yesssss!! Of course!! Sounds fun!!" Since he's just going to be around the corner, we think it's highly possible that he'll show up. We hope you do, too.

The Fearless Freaks from Bradley Beesley on Vimeo.

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