Yellow Line

Aug 03 - Aug 04, 2013

(Teruo Ishii, Japan, 1960, Blu-ray, 70 min)

A hitman is hired to take out a Tokyo Customs Officer, but his employer betrays him and sends the cops. Seeking cover, he grabs Emi from a telephone booth and makes her his “newlywed” in order to board a train to Kobe.

Born in a prison and raised in an orphanage, the woman hating-hitman blends into the seedy Casbah of Kobe easily (although Emi, his female prisoner, stands out like a diamond in the rough). As the hitman hunts for the employer that betrayed him, Emi leaves clues for her boyfriend in hopes of finding help. But being in the hitman’s grasp might be safer than she thinks. . .help isn’t what it seems, when you’re on the Yellow Line.  

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