Death Row Woman

Aug 07 - Aug 08, 2013

(Nobuo Nakagawa, Japan, 1960, Blu-ray, 78 min)

During a heated argument with her father, Kyoko defies his wishes for her to marry Aiko, and instead informs him she is having a child out of wedlock with Siochi. After refusing to leave when he orders her gone, she leaves him to simmer; the next day he is dead. With all evidence pointing to Kyoko, she is quickly found guilty and sentenced to death. Desperate to see her baby and prove her innocence, Kyoko escapes from prison with a cellmate, after narrowly escaping rape at the hands of another female prisoner. With the police hot on her trail and her emotions on full throttle, Kyoko’s trust in who to rely on falters. Will she be able to find her father’s killer before she is captured?

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