Trash Dance

Jun 24, 2013

(Andrew Garrison, 2012, United States, Blu-ray, 68 min)

Sponsored by CleanScapes

Allison Orr’s conception of a grand dance performed by sanitation workers and garbage trucks is a thing of brilliance, but the close look that Trash Dance takes at the lives of Orr’s reluctant dancers makes the film brilliant in its own right. Andrew Garrison’s documentary spotlights what even the dance cannot reveal: the difficulty in unifying city workers’ day-to-day struggles with the ambiguities of modern art. Turning the spotlight on some of society’s least-observed, and least-appreciated workers, the film is an artistic inspiration, even as it wrestles with our assumptions about performance.

"Orr’s Trash Project is a winning example of the sort of populist art we don’t often see in Seattle, where terms like access and community actually have some meaning." —Seattle Weekly

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