Off Label

Sep 06 - Sep 12, 2013

(Donal Mosher and Michael Palmieri, 2012, United States, Digital, 80 min)

Directors in attendance Friday & Saturday!

Like an urban legend, the specter and scope of America's pharmaceutical dependence keeps most of us from even dwelling on the issues it provokes, which is what makes Off Label a miraculous investigation.

Telling the stories of those affected by the pharmaceutical industry (from patients to physicians to professional guinea pigs) while keeping their stories human and even humorous, directors Mosher and Palmieri expose the causes and tragic consequences of overmedication. Here is a documentary film that will startle you, with facts as well as a tone as down-to-earth as the people it follows.

  • Off Label was the inaugural grantee of the Northwest Film Fund, our grant program supporting Northwest filmmakers. We screened the film first during Local Sightings, our annual fall film festival, in October 2012.

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