The Harder They Come

Sep 05, 2013

(Perry Henzell, 1974, Jamaica, DCP, 105 min)

New restoration!

Concert ticket giveaway!

In anticipation of Jimmy Cliff’s appearance at the Neptune this September, we present the film that launched reggae to an international phenomenon, casting this rhythmic music in an anti-establishment role while also propelling Jimmy Cliff to fame (and this film into the status of a classic). 

Ivan, an innocent country boy, comes to the big city of Kingston, Jamaica to make his fame and fortune as a reggae star. Rather than stardom, he finds poverty, betrayal and despair, as he drifts into the lower reaches of the ganja trade and becomes a notorious hitman. For reggae fans, the sound track is of course the highlight, while film lovers will experience The Harder They Come as a legendary, mind-blowing cult movie in Rasta colors.

  • We have one free pair of concert tickets to give away to audiences at this special screening - Jimmy Cliff performs live at the Neptune, in Seattle on September 8!

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