Le Joli Mai

Sep 13 - Sep 16, 2013

(Pierre Lhomme and Chris Marker, 1963, France, DCP, 145 min)

New restoration!

50th anniversary!

Exactly half a century ago, a small film crew took to the streets of Paris to tell a story about the city’s people. Like magic, their unassuming interviews of random Parisians—simple questions about their private and public lives—turned into a groundbreaking work of essay filmmaking, even collage. If you have ever wondered whether one hour (or two or three) is enough time to capture a society at a fleeting moment in its history, then come celebrate this film’s return, as it screens in this country for the first time in 50 years.

"gorgeous black-and-white street scenes. . .Men wear ties, women wear gloves, and many scenes have the aspect of Brassaï or Robert Doisneau." —Seattle Weekly

"lots and lots to say about politics, religion, communism, atheism, colonialism, music, cinema, money, real and fake flowers, food, transportation, strikes, housing, the youth, the old, the French, the language, the history of civilization" —The Stranger

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