Nov 01 - Nov 07, 2013

(Matías Piñeiro, 2012, Argentina, DCP, 63 min)

Friday 7pm film introduction from KUOW/Everett Herald film critic Robert Horton!

From Argentina’s youngest narrative visionary comes a new spin on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, a film so visually rapid and lively that you’ll forget the script was ever written for a stage. In Viola, set in the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Piñeiro combines his own storytelling signatures—rollercoaster cinematography and a boggling tangle of character plotlines—with one or two of Shakespeare’s own, blurring the line between classic tales, make-believe notions and the film’s own reality. Watch out: there may even be a play within a play.

"My vote for most delightful movie ending of the year goes to Matías Piñeiro’s Viola. . .conjures a youthful breezy, try-anything energy. It isn’t just larking about—it’s more a sense that the old methods aren’t working, so let’s try something else." —Seattle Weekly

"gracefully blends Shakespeare and the modern world. . .[Piñeiro] is someone to watch" —The Seattle Times


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