Lauren Is Missing

Sep 28, 2013

Michael Harring – Seattle, WA - 84 min

This scrappy psychotronic thriller from Local Sightings alumn Michael Harring looks at two women, a missing roommate, taxidermy, a creepy blind dude and a boatload of booze.

Returning to her Seattle apartment after a long absence, Mia (Brand Upon The Brain’s Maya Lawson) finds her belongings packed and her roommate missing. Even worse, rent is overdue.

Haunted by a history of apathy, Mia can’t get her old job back and must resort to selling her roomie’s belongings to pay the bills. Fortunately, her luck improves when new best friend Millie (The French Project’s Erin Jorgensen) scores her a job working for a taxidermist.  With newfound financial independence, Mia is able to focus on what really matters – alcohol and mischief. 

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