Sep 28, 2013

Kevin Hamedani – Seattle, WA – 104 min

Live set from Seattle band Tomten, post-screening!

Q&A with director & actors!

Two B-movie co-writers, Kaveh and Raul, must reconcile after their long-time-languishing film, Islama-Rama 2, finally makes its festival debut. Negotiating their way through pushy agents, brutish bodyguards, cutthroat colleagues, prima donna actors and overly eager festival volunteers, the former friends piece together absurd horror film pitches for a mysterious speaker keynoting the film festival. This ridiculous comedy about friendship, love and crappy movies is made by the team that brought us 2009's Zombies of Mass Destruction.

  • Join us post-screening for a live performance from Seattle band Tomten!
  • Don't miss a post-screening Q&A with Junk's actors, including Brett Davern, Kevin Hamedani, Basil Harris, Ramon Isao, Sean Nelson and Lynn Shelton!
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