Pig Death Machine

Jan 10 - Jan 16, 2014

(Jon Moritsugu & Amy Davis, 2013. United States, 84 min)

After eating rotten meat, a brainless brunette is transformed into a dangerous genius, while in a Doctor Doolittle twist, a misanthropic-punk-rock-botanist-babe gains the power to "talk to plants." Dreams become nightmares as they choke on the sweet nectar of envy and desire.

Writhing underneath and beside independent cinema is a thriving underground film culture, devoted to all things psychotronic, cult and strange. Filmmaker Jon Moritsugu has made more than 25 years worth of films that align with this cinematic tradition (think of New York's Cinema of Transgression or John Waters). Come on in to this perverse, sci-fi comedy set in the acid burn landscape of Santa Fe: the water's fine.

"an exercise in garbage aesthetics. . .Moritsugu finds broad comedy in the world. . .It's all great weirdo fun." —The Stranger

"Moritsugu’s flashes of surrealism and animation give Pig Death Machine a whimsical, dreamlike quality" —Seattle Weekly

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