Soul Poet: A Lou Reed Tribute in Music and Images

Nov 30, 2013

Join us on November 30 for a night of images and music as we celebrate Lou Reed's music and life. We invite you to take part in this one-night party by sending us links of what you want to see on our screen. 

Here's how it works: email us your favorite pieces of/about/with Lou (or post them on our Facebook event page) and we'll pick our favorites and project them at the event. (No more than 5-10 minutes long, please.) 

Think interviews, think live music, think words well-chosen, think memorable movie scene scores (think everything he stood for). 

No tribute to Lou would be complete without a raucous show, and after the screening local bands including Kinski, The Jesus Rehab, Robert Deeble and Robert Roth will pay Lou his dues with live covers from the revolutionary’s extensive oeuvre. With your help, we’ll create an unforgettable evening of riotous revelry, fit for a poet-rogue.

"Lo-fi, Chuck Taylor tapping, whiskey swilling indie pop that leaves your spirits higher than you were in the dirty bathroom just hours before Jared Cortese and company ripped your heart out one perfectly noted lyric at a time.  Feel the power.  Feel the intensity.  Listening to The Jesus Rehab is almost like having an out of body experience."  —Train Wreck'd Society

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