Fire in the Blood

Photo credit: Ruvan Boshoff/Sparkwater India.

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Jan 18 - Jan 19, 2014

(Dylan Mohan Gray, United Kingdom/India, 2013, 87 min)

Sponsored by the Western Regional International Health Conference, organized by the Global Health Resource Center at the University of Washington.

Post-screening conversation with James Love of Knowledge Ecology International, moderated by Jeffrey Lane, University of Washington!

In this much-needed critique of Big Pharma narrated by William Hurt, activists and intellectuals expose how Western pharmaceutical companies, in pursuit of higher profits, systematically block access to life-saving AIDS drugs in the global south. Since 1996, these companies have abused patent laws to prohibit the sale of affordable generic alternatives to name brand drugs, leading to the unnecessary deaths of millions of people in developing countries. Fire in the Blood documents the inspiring work and impressive headway activist groups have made in the struggle against these despicable corporate practices, and interviewees like Bill Clinton, Bishop Desmond Tutu and New York Times journalist Donald G. McNeil Jr. all share insights about the need to keep to fighting.

As the heated debate around the implementation of the new healthcare law in the U.S. continues, this timely documentary captures the ripple effects of the American pharmaceutical industry in the rest of the world.


James Love is the Director of Knowledge Ecology International, a non-government organization with offices in Washington, DC and Geneva. In 2006, KEI was awarded the MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions.

Jeffrey P. Lane is a  Clinical Instructor for Global Health Policy and Advocacy at the University of Washington Department of Global Health; Chair of the Advisory Board for the Washington Medical-Legal Partnership; and Co-Chair of the Washington Global Health Alliance’s Business Partnerships Initiative.

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