Festival of (In)appropriation

Festival co-curator Lauren Berliner.

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Mar 13, 2014

Filmmaker Josh Hite in attendance!

Whether you call it collage, compilation, found footage, detournement, or recycled cinema, the incorporation of previously shot materials into new artworks is a longstanding film practice. These novel juxtapositions have produced new meanings and ideas, sometimes not intended by the original makers: that are, in other words “inappropriate.” 

The act of appropriation may produce revelation that leads viewers to reconsider the relationship between past and present, here and there, intention and subversion. In the past decade, a wealth of new sources for audiovisual materials has emerged that can be appropriated into new works. In addition to official state and commercial archives, vernacular archives, home movie collections and digital archives have provided fascinating source material that may be mined for new meanings and resonances.

Founded in 2009, the Festival of (In)appropriation is a yearly showcase of contemporary short (20 minutes or less) audiovisual works that appropriate film or video footage and repurpose it in “inappropriate” and inventive ways. The show, now in its fifth year, is curated by Jaimie Baron, Lauren Berliner and Greg Cohen.


Josh Hite’s work is concerned with human movement through local spaces and tactics of documentation. He is a member of the Vancouver Soundwalk Collective and part of tenfifteen maple, a two-year artist residency exploring multiple waterfront parks in Vancouver.  Josh has a BA in Philosophy, an MFA in Visual Art and has taught photography and video at the University of British Columbia and in continuing studies at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver.

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