Los Angeles Plays Itself

Image from Chinatown by Roman Polanski.

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Mar 15 - Mar 16, 2014

(Thom Andersen, United States, 2003, DCP, 169 min)

Two nights only!
New digital restoration!

Los Angeles’ cinematic self receives a thoroughly enjoyable meta-treatment in Thom Andersen’s engrossing video essay about one of the most extensively filmed cities on earth, featuring scenes from films as wide-ranging as Chinatown and Killer of Sheep

In this documentary, Andersen charts the cinematic trajectories of the city’s iconic and less recognizable fixtures. In one instance we watch a bank transform into a hotel, then into an orphanage through its various on-screen iterations. A new DCP of a longtime NWFF audience favorite, voted best documentary of 2004 by the Village Voice.

"Outside of film school, this 2003 doc is the best lecture—and architectural tour—you’re going to find about a city long overdue for its close-up." —Seattle Weekly

La PLays Itself Trailer from Matthew Sniegoski on Vimeo.

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