Hide Your Smiling Faces

Apr 04 - Apr 10, 2014

(Daniel Patrick Carbone, United States, 2013, DCP, 81 min)

In this meditative tale of life lessons learned one rural American summer, 14-year-old Eric (Nathan Varnson) finds his kid brother Tommy’s (Ryan Jones) friend dead on a wooded riverbank. The mysterious death raises questions about the gruff father of the young boy, and Eric and Tommy struggle to process their unexpected introduction to mortality. 

Told from the P.O.V of its two young protagonists as they cope with the death of a friend, Hide Your Smiling Faces is intimately attuned to the complexity and confusion of emotional worlds, as it captures youth in all its brutal beauty. Hide Your Smiling Faces is the feature debut of New Jersey's Daniel Patrick Carbone.

"A confident, disquieting directorial debut. . .so far removed from studio formulas it seems to have fluttered down from another planet" —The Restless Critic

"a moody, engrossing coming-of-age drama. . . a film that makes the most of its low budget" —The Seattle Times

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